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Driving over the posted speed limit in any area is considered speeding. All vehicle operators, including motorcyclists, have a responsibility to obey all traffic laws in an area. Not only is speeding illegal, but it also greatly increases your chance of severe injury or death if you have an accident.

Any vehicle that speeds puts all surrounding drivers at greater risk of an accident as well, because the speeder will be less able to slow down or stop safely. The speeding vehicle may instead be forced to brake hard without warning or veer into another lane, possibly causing a devastating accident before the other driver has time to react.

Speeding can be especially dangerous for motorcycles. Because they are two wheeled vehicles, they require a driver to be able to balance and maneuver carefully through traffic. When a motorcycle speeds, there is an increased chance that the biker will have to make a sudden move to avoid an upcoming obstacle. This may throw off the biker’s balance, causing the bike to tip or flip over, throwing the biker off.

Likewise, motorcycles may have more difficulty slowing or stopping from a high speed than a four-wheeled vehicle. When a car brakes, it is balanced and slowed by four wheels. A bike must rely on only two wheels to stop from the same speed, so there is a greater risk of a braking error and a resulting collision.

Motorcyclists generally have a bad reputation when it comes to speeding, but many automobile drivers are equally guilty of breaking the law. Because motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury, they should always watch out for reckless drivers and avoid vehicles that are passing at high speeds. These drivers may behave unpredictably, swerving close to the biker or cutting the biker off without signaling. If an overly aggressive driver speeds past you, it is best to give the driver plenty of clearance rather than risking being involved in a potentially fatal accident.

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