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Signal Lamp Failure

Blinkers are an essential feature on all motorized vehicles, including motorcycles. In Wisconsin and most other states in the U.S., turn signals on motorcycles are now required by law. In the past, most motorcyclists relied on hand signals to communicate a change in direction, but it is easy to get these signals confused with other motions and can be difficult to see, especially at night. Blinkers help a biker communicate a turn or lane change to other vehicles so that they can anticipate and adjust to the motorcycle’s movements.

It is important for bikers to always use turn signals appropriately. Not only is it required by law, but it can save a motorcyclist from a severe accident caused by miscommunication. Unfortunately, sometimes signal lamps fail to operate, leaving the motorcyclist prone to an accident. The biker may think that he or she is communicating a lane change or turn, but in reality the signal is not flashing and other drivers are left unaware of what the biker plans to do. This could cause a car to rear-end a motorcycle that suddenly changes lanes, or a motorcyclist could be hit from the side while making a turn, causing devastating injuries or even death to the motorcyclist, driver, and any passengers.

Signal lamps sometimes fail because they are old and have burned out. When your bike is inspected, inspectors are responsible for spotting burned out bulbs or replacing old bulbs that are not lighting up to the appropriate brightness. A mechanic may forget to replace a bulb that he or she has removed, or may install the bulb improperly. Alternatively, the bulb itself may be defective and the manufacturer may be liable for the bad bulb. To minimize your risk of getting caught out on the road with a burned out signal lamp, always check your lights before each ride and get bad lamps replaced immediately.

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