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Preventing Road Rash

When traveling on the road, motorcyclists are faced with many unique risks. While drivers are protected by cages, air bags, bumpers, seat belts, and other safety features, motorcyclists are largely left out in the open, exposed to the elements. This means that the likelihood of severe injury in a crash is much higher for a motorcyclist than the average car driver. Whether you are a regular motorcycle commuter or simply like to take joy rides on the weekends, these tips can help you to minimize your injuries in the event of a crash.

What is Road Rash?

Road rash is an extremely painful injury that results from a person making direct contact with the road. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, skateboarders, and other vulnerable road users are all familiar with the threat of road rash. In a minor crash, road rash may consist of mild scrapes that scuff up the first layer or two of skin. In high speed crashes or in crashes in which the victim is unprotected, however, road rash can consist of deep lacerations filled with dirt, pieces of asphalt, and other debris. Road rash can restrict a victim’s movement for weeks, months, or even years and may leave large scars once the wound heals.

Tips to Minimize Road Rash

Road rash can be costly. Not only is there intense physical pain, but a crash victim may also struggle with the emotional trauma of the accident and the financial costs of medical treatment. If a person gets road rash on his or her face, plastic surgery may be an important step to recovery to help the victim feel like normal again. The following tips that can help motorcyclists avoid the risk of road rash:

  • Always wear a helmet. Not only can it protect you from a concussion, it can also shield your face from the road if you slide off of your bike.
  • Wear a long sleeve jacket and long pants, preferably made of leather, nylon, Kevlar, or other abrasion-resistant material.
  • Go slow around turns. A bike is least stable when a motorcyclist’s weight is shifted to one side, and the wheels may slip out from under the bike if a turn is taken too fast.
  • Use brakes with caution in inclement weather. Maintain a slow speed and be gentle on the brakes when you must use them. Slamming on the brakes in wet weather can cause the bike to spin out of control.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, someone may be liable for your accident and you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit for injury compensation. Our Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers are prepared to represent your case and will fight to recover the injury settlement that you deserve.

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