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Motorcycles and DUI

Driving or operating any vehicle while drunk is against the law and puts you at risk of being involved in a deadly accident. Of all vehicle operators, motorcyclists are one of the groups most vulnerable to injury from an accident because they are more exposed to the road and debris when in a crash. Motorcyclists are also at risk if they choose to drink and drive because alcohol has a strong negative impact on balance, coordination, and perception, all of which are needed to safely operate a motorcycle.

When on the road, always keep an eye out for drivers who may be intoxicated. These drivers may act carelessly and recklessly in a way that endangers your life and the lives of other riders and drivers around you. If you see a car drifting out of its lane, braking erratically, making improper turns, or driving without headlights, there is a good chance that the driver is drunk.

Likewise, a motorcyclist who seems to have trouble balancing when coming to a stop or dismounting, is not aware of obstacles or other vehicles around, or brakes or turns improperly is also probably drunk. If you notice any potentially drunk drivers or bikers on the road, stay far away from them and if possible, pull over and report them to the police.

One drunk driver making a wrong move is all it takes to cause a life-threatening accident that could leave you with lasting injuries. If you and your friends have been drinking, consider waiting a while to sober up before you ride home, or call a friend or taxi to come pick you up. Don’t let friends ride or drive home while intoxicated. It is better to have the minor inconvenience of having to call for a ride than to try to ride home drunk and be pulled over for DUI or cause a devastating accident.

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