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Defective Motorcycle Tires

One of the most important parts to any motorcycle’s stability and safety are its tires. A flat tire or a blow out may occur under any number of conditions, but all are likely to result in severe crashes for motorcyclists. While automobiles are also susceptible to tire problems, there is generally less danger involved because the car is still supported by 3 tires and may be able to safely maneuver off of the road. Motorcycles, however, rely on only two wheels for stability so the loss of even one tire can cause the biker to immediately lose control and crash.

When a tire fails, the cause may be a tire defect. Some tire models have been known to have manufacturing defects that make them more likely to blow out during use. While manufacturers sometimes recall tire models and post the information on their web sites, some buyers may not be informed of the defect and may continue to regularly ride on bad tires. It is important to regularly check online or at a tire store for a list of defective tire models to ensure that you do not have tires known to be unsafe.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that may indicate that you have a defective tire. If you feel your bike wobbling from side to side, pull over immediately. A wobbling motion typically occurs just before the tread separates from the tire, which will cause you to crash. If you recently purchased new tires but experience problems with their performance, return to the shop for maintenance and a quality check immediately.

A crash that is caused by a defective tire may happen suddenly before you have a chance to react or realize what went wrong. If this has happened to you, be sure to save both tires and tire pieces that may have detached and have them inspected for defects. The tire manufacturer may be responsible for the defect and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

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