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Dangers of Riding in Bad Weather Conditions

Operating any type of motor vehicle in bad weather is not particularly safe. Water, snow, and ice reduce friction between the tires and the road surface, making it much easier for the driver or rider to lose control. Poor visibility also increases a driver’s risk of losing control or hitting an unseen object, such as a roadway hazard or another vehicle.

Poor weather tends to affect motorcyclists more than it does drivers. They are directly exposed to any precipitation that may be falling, which affects their visibility even more. This contact with such adverse conditions may also affect their comfort levels, causing them to make poor decisions or restricting their control over their vehicles.

Because motorcycles ride on two wheels instead of four, they are inherently less stable than cars. Not only can they spin out or flip, but they can also fall to the side, causing the rider to tumble off and slide across the road under the motorcycle. On slick highway conditions, fast-moving motorcycles can easily lose traction, spin out, and fall over.

For all of these reasons, motorcyclists should avoid riding in bad weather conditions if at all possible. Even the most capable and experienced riders can be dangerously caught off-guard by the dangers of roadway water pooling or black ice. If you are caught on the roads when adverse weather arises, you should find a safe place and wait for it to pass.

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