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Blind Spots

Blind spots are a universal problem for all vehicles. Whether you drive a small car, a large SUV, a motorcycle, or an 18 wheeler, you always have to be aware of the blind spots for your vehicle and for vehicles around you. When drivers don’t take care to watch their blind spots, they could switch lanes and hit or cut off another vehicle, causing an accident. Knowing which spots to avoid around other vehicles and which spots to check on your own can help minimize your risk of having an accident.

All automobiles have significant blind spots that motorcyclists should watch for. When motorists use their side mirrors to look for traffic next to and behind them, there is usually a large field from the driver’s seat to the back of the car in which the driver cannot see other vehicles. The passenger side of a car has the same limited view. Motorcycles can easily get caught in these blind spots and may suddenly be cut off or hit by a vehicle changing lanes if the driver doesn’t check his or her blind spots first.

To help avoid a collision, always try to stay out of drivers’ blind spots. Ride next to vehicles where the driver can easily see you, or pull completely ahead of or behind the car. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see the driver in his or her rear view mirror, he or she can see you. If not, consider adjusting your position on the road so that you are more visible. Also, check your own blind spots and signal before changing lanes. While the blind spots on motorcycles are smaller, there is still a chance that you could miss a vehicle and cause an accident.

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