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Being Tailgated on a Motorcycle

For motorcycle riders, few common occurrences are quite as dangerous as a car that follows behind too closely. Oftentimes, drivers may tail a motorcycle with the same sort of attitude and the same lack of distance that they would a car. However, given the fragility of a motorcycle in an accident, drivers should offer an additional gap of space. This is not always the case, and tailgating can lead to serious collisions.

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Responsible Driving Practices

People tailgate for various reasons. Some do not see much of an issue with cramming into traffic as a driving style, despite how dangerous it can be. Others may tailgate because they refuse to slow down to match the car in front of them. Then there are tailgaters who follow because of some personal vendetta or outburst of road rage. In any of these cases, a motorcyclist has the following options:

  • Apply the right turn signal and get over into the next lane
  • If on a one-lane road, pull off the road
  • If there is no way to pull off the road, very gently tap the brake

When in doubt, always pull off the road or get into another lane. If the individual follows, get to a safe, public place. The most ideal spot would be to pull off at a police station or a well-populated stop like a busy shopping mall.

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